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Presentation and Media Training

A bespoke service run by Nathalie Webb, an experienced specialist, with 15 years BBC experience, who will help you maximise the impact of your presentations, whether for seminars, public speaking or interviews. Learn techniques to build rapport and convey your message effectively.



Be confident that you are getting your message across effectively. Learn the techniques necessary for engaging your audience and creating impact. I'll help you finesse your content, pace and tone of delivery, give you tips on body language and how to establish rapport. Practice sessions are filmed and critiqued to bring out the best in you as an individual.

Audiovisual Conference


Replace interview nerves with confidence.
This session involves learning techniques that will enable you to demonstrate your abilities and not only take control, but enjoy, the interview process. Whether for a job interview or a university application, we will go through anticipated questions, body language and how to put your best and true self forward.

Working Silhouettes


Being interviewed by the media can be a daunting and nerve-wracking experience. Having 15 years experience of conducting interviews for BBC News, I can tell you exactly how to come across well, get your message across and handle difficult questions for all media outlets, whether live or pre-recorded.

Media Interview

All sessions are bespoke and totally dependent on your needs. They are normally carried out in your place of work or where you will be making your presentation if possible. Coaching for interviews can be carried out at a location of your choice.


When preparing for a seminar or public speaking it it advisable to have a series of three one hour sessions that are at least a day apart. This gives you time to rehearse and learn. Firstly we would look at the content together, whether this is your notes, power point presentation or a discussion about what you want to say. Then we rehearse and I film, playback and give you a critique. We work on the salient points and then rehearse, film and playback again.


These are best suited to individuals preparing for interview, whether it is for school leavers, university or job applicants. It gives you an opportunity to rehearse and to have some honest feedback about how you come across. I give tips on how to overcome nerves and to make sure you not only answer questions impressively but also ask the right questions yourself. For university applicants I can also help to prepare personal statements which are often used as a basis for interview.


Group sessions are a good introduction if you have several employees or school leavers who want to learn the basics of presenting, how to interview or be interviewed effectively and techniques for building a rapport with clients. Sessions normally include role play where the participants have a chance to practice. These sessions do not lend them selves so well to  filming the individual but are very helpful in boosting confidence and team-building.



Having worked in television and radio for 20 years, as a producer and video journalist for BBC TV  News, I have considerable experience in interviewing people and identifying the clips that will be used for broadcast.

My background gives me a unique expertise in being able to assess how and why people come across well when speaking, and how to make a point effectively.

I’ve interviewed Prime Ministers, industry chiefs and celebrities, as well as very nervous, camera-shy lay-people, so I can teach you how to vary your technique depending on whom you’re dealing with and what the audience is.

My focus is on the spoken word and how it is presented, a skill developed through experience in script writing and news reading. I give personalized training which provides the tools you need to bring out the best in your performance.

Nathalie Webb


"I thoroughly enjoyed the training with Nathalie and greatly appreciated her insightful comments and practical tips. It made a great difference to the way I present and was extremely worthwhile"

Jessica Negyal, Boodle Hadfield

"We honestly loved the session you ran for us – some great nuggets there"

Paula Huckfield EY

Thanks very much for getting us through the presentation. We were delighted with the way it went.
Your tips were invaluable and made us undoubtedly perform better.

Daniel Montlake - Director Core Sustainability

Nathalie's tips and advice were a real help and I am sure the presentation came across a lot better than it would have done had we given it a few weeks ago.  I certainly felt a lot more confident.

Sivan Gelb - Partner MCG law firm

Nathalie’s experience puts her in a unique position of giving brilliant advice. She’s great fun to work with - You’ll end up enjoying the presentation you dreaded!

Justine Edelman JLE Marketing



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    Nathalie came to the rescue, she showed me how to get the same points across with more impact and within the allotted timescale.

    Her advice was not only well worth the cost but was even enjoyable.

    Andrew McClure, Managing Director, McClure Solicitors


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